6 reasons why you should market your property now….

We hear so many times of people who hold off from marketing their property until Spring, believing that is the best time to sell their home. Spring may be thought as the traditional time to sell your home but there are more reasons not to wait until then.

At House-moves, Cheltenham we believe there is no time like the present and beat your competition.

  1. With more properties coming to the market in Springtime, competition is high and this is the time when the market becomes a “buyers market” and it becomes more difficult to achieve the best price. Seize the opportunity now, if you do wait you will come up against the largest volume of sellers and therefore competition will be high.
  1. Don’t worry thinking about how much nicer your garden looks with the Spring flowers, hopefully you will be sold by then, but if not any decent agent will refresh your photos to always ensure you have the best possible images to promote your property. Unfortunately, how many times do you see properties advertised by the larger, corporate agents or the on-line agents where the living room still has a Christmas Tree up in the Spring or Summer!
  1. The start of the year is when a higher percentage of buyers start thinking about moving, for several reasons.
  1. Home sale statistics show that homes can sell faster, solicitors and surveyors aren’t as busy and can therefore complete sales quicker.
  1. When it comes to simple economics and supply and demand, with fewer properties available we see a greater chance of achieving the full asking price.
  1. Selling your property now puts you in the driving seat when looking for your next move, putting you in a proceedable position and at the top of the “hot” buyers list when viewing or making an offer.