How we value your home

We provide an accurate, realistic and honest valuation right from the initial meeting.

It is important that we set out a realistic figure, it might sound obvious but our objective is to achieve the best possible price for your home in the quickest time to the best buyer possible. We use our expert local knowledge, recent property sales, competitor analysis and the very latest reports using accurate comparable evidence to back up the valuation price we have suggested.

On the day of your property launch, we will prepare your home for photos, dressing your home to maximise the potential viewers of your property. We ensure all of our property listings come with professional photography to showcase your home in the best possible light, after all this is your shop window! We provide this service absolutely free of charge to all of our clients, which many other agents charge a high fee for!

We create bespoke high quality brochures of your home to showcase your home in the best possible light. This service again is absolutely free of charge. If your property requires an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) we can organise this to be done for you.

A step by step guide to selling your property

Step 1

Step 1

Selecting an Estate Agent

We at House-moves pride ourselves on keeping everything under one roof.  Whether it be your Market Appraisal & Valuation, Professional Floor Plan, Excellent Photographs, Marketing, Viewings, Sales Negotiations and Sales Progression right through to completion we complete everything for you.  House Moves are an Independent, local, family run Estate Agent for local people, we provide a personalised, professional and reliable service ensuring the best standards of customer service.

Step 2

Step 2

Instructing a Solicitor

House Moves Limited can recommend a local solicitor for you to use or you can instruct your own solicitor.

Step 3

Step 3

Presenting your Property

First impressions count – Take a look outside your property, this is known as ‘Kerb appeal’ does your property look tidy and approachable from the outside? How does your property look compared to your neighbours? There are a few simple things you can do to make your property look more appealing from the outside.

Top tip! Tidy the front garden, de clutter any toys, paint the front door, and clean the windows.

Inside the property, make sure it’s clean and tidy, de clutter as much as possible. Tell us the best things you like about your property so that we can communicate them to your potential buyers. Let us know any appealing features you have in your local area. Take on board any feedback, negative or positive so that you can prepare any changes for future viewings

Top tip! Keeps pets out the way, open windows if it’s a nice sunny day.
Step 4

Step 4

Marketing your Property

Leave that to us, the experts in selling houses, we advertise properties in the local press, on our webpage and through all of the essential online portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Primelocation.

Step 5

Step 5

Viewings and Feedback

We will carry out all viewings and after each one we will obtain constructive feedback and keep you updated.

Step 6

Step 6

Receiving an Offer

As soon as an offer is received we will notify you both verbally and in writing.

Step 7

Step 7

Offer Agreed

Once you accept an offer we will do the following: Prepare a memorandum of sale, write to all parties to confirm the agreed price, confirm solicitor’s details. Your solicitor will send out a draft contract to the buyer’s solicitor who will then carry out preliminary enquiries. At this stage you will also be able to agree on dates for the survey on your property, exchange of contracts and proposed date for completion.

Step 8

Step 8

Exchange of Contracts

This is when copies of signed contracts are exchanged between the buyer’s conveyancer and the seller’s conveyancer.

Step 9

Step 9


Congratulations you have sold your property!

Top Tip! Preparing to move can be stressful, but keeping organised helps you prepare for your move and keep stress to a minimum. Make sure you keep in mind these important contacts to inform them of your move:

Bank, Credit cards, Loans, Car leasing, Insurance company, Council, DVLA, Gas provider, Electric provider, Water provider, Phone company, Internet provider, Royal Mail, Breakdown service, Doctor, Dentist, Optician, Vet, school, College, Employer, Gym.

House-moves step-by-step guide to the conveyancing process

Once a sale has been agreed and is in the hands of your solicitor (or licenced conveyancer) it will go through the following stages. Sometimes additional work will be needed-for example, if the property is leasehold or is yet to be registered with the Land Registry- and it’s worth noting that the stages won’t necessarily follow this order every time.

It is also important for buyers to discuss the availability of their deposit with their solicitor early in the transaction, and we strongly recommend that you contact your solicitor regularly so that they can keep you fully up to date with the progress of the transaction and the latest timescales.

Seller’s solicitor’s steps
  • Obtain a copy of the Title Deeds (or office copies if the title is registered)
  • Obtain a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) if applicable.
  • The seller’s will return a completed Property Information Form & fixtures, fittings & contents form from the solicitors.
  • Copies of the above document plus a draft contract-this is known as an ‘information Pack’ will be sent to the buyer’s solicitor.
  • Answer the buyer’s solicitors additional enquiries for example, specific questions about fixtures and fittings) and obtain copies of any planning consent documents.
  • Agree the contract and arrange for the sellers to sign it in readiness of the exchange.
  • All parties agree completion dates and the contracts are exchanged.
Between exchange & completion
  • Obtain redemption figures from the mortgage lender and reply to requisitions on title
  • Approve the transfer and arrange for the seller(s) and buyers(s) to sign.
  • Receive the agent’s fee account and seek the seller’s consent to settle this out of completion funds.
Completion Date

This is the date ownership of the property passes from the seller to the buyer, and it follows the successful transfer of funds. It’s the date that the whole process works towards.

Upon Completion
  • Receive completion funds and (only when this has been completed) instruct House-moves to release the keys to buyers. Redeem mortgage and forward the financial statement. Forward any surplus funds (unless these are being used to fund onward purchase). Ensure all outstanding bills are paid
  • Forward transfer documents and deeds to the buyers solicitors
  • Forward evidence of ‘discharge of mortgage’ to the buyers solicitors.
Buyer’s solicitor’s steps
  • Obtain the information pack, including a copy of the EPC from the seller’s solicitors, and raise any additional queries.
  • Initiate any specialist searches for example submit local, environmental and water searches.
  • Approve the contracts when all queries are satisfactory and complete. (At this stage, a mortgage transfer deed will need to be signed and witnessed).
  • Received a mortgage offer and instructions from the lender, and a deal with any conditions set out by them. Make sure that life cover and buildings insurance is being arranged.
  • Request the deposit, report back to the buyer, and arrange for the contact to be signed. Place buildings insurance and life cover in force.
  • All parties agree completion dates and contracts are exchanged.
Between exchange and completion
  • Raise ‘requisitions on title’ and prepare the draft transfer of deed.
  • Report on title to mortgage lender and obtain funds for completion, including stamp duty
  • Prepare accounts, obtain signature to mortgage deed & undertake final Land Registry & Land Charges searches.
Completion Date

This is the date ownership of the property passes from the seller to the buyer, and it follows the successful transfer of funds. It’s the date that the whole process works towards.

Upon Completion
  • Forward to the sellers solicitors the balance of funds- it is only then that they can authorise the release of the keys. Receive, from the seller’s solicitors, the transfer document deeds.
  • Stamp the transfer Deed, register the buyer’s ownership with the Land Registry and forward the deeds to the lender of client.
Along with offering a great service throughout all steps of buying and selling your property, House-moves can also put you in touch with local reputable professional and reliable services such as:
  • Solicitors

  • Insurance

  • Independent Mortgage advisor

  • Chartered Surveyors

  • Removals & Cleaning

  • Landscape Services

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