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Why September and October are great months to sell

Recent research suggests that this September and October are great times to sell your home, it marks the official end of summer and the start of autumn.

A number of reasons dictate this. These include the countdown to the festive season – Christmas and New Year  – high buyer activity, school admission deadlines and the weather.

Weather plays a big part in house sales. Generally, people prefer to move home in the summer, when temperatures are warmer and the thought of viewing and relocating is much more inviting. If there is a particularly cold snap, people are more likely to be put off all the elements of a house sale. The weather in September and (fingers crossed) October tends to be relatively mild when compared to the depths of winter, meaning house viewings and moving days are not rained off too frequently.

From a marketing perspective, selling is also easier when it’s not too dark and gloomy. It’s easier to shine the best light on your property if you can show off any garden space you have or if you can have windows open and the central heating off during viewings. Photos of properties in late summer/early autumn are also likely to have more appeal than those taken during the long, dark winter months.

Sales tend to speed up before Christmas, with people determined to get moving day out the way before December 25th hits. Buyers are therefore more proactive and more willing to negotiate, which puts sellers in a strong position when it comes to asking price.

Sellers don’t want the process dragging on through Christmas, either. If they haven’t sold by mid to late December, they might be more likely to sit tight and wait until after the festive period to sell their home. This again points to a preference for getting things done earlier in the year, making September and October appealing months in which to push through a sale.

Finally, another factor is school admission deadlines. Many schools close their doors for admission by the beginning of February. So, for buyers with children of school age, it’s likely they’ll want to be in place and settled in their new home well before this deadline hits. Your property may be in a key catchment area and competition might be fierce for places, so buyers will want to act early to give themselves the best chance of getting their kids into the right schools. Take advantage of this as a seller – you could even remind them of the closing date for school admissions and insist that acting early would really help.

With crisp Autumn mornings, blue sky’s and the beautiful colours that Autumn brings, this makes for beautiful photographs to help showcase your property and stand out from the crowd to really entice buyers to view your home.

No matter what the month, at house-moves we do our upmost to sell your home, we’re dedicated from the moment we launch a property online right through to completion, helping things run as smoothly as possible along the way. Call us today on 01242 517800 to arrange a free valuation